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ISPCA Keeps Dogs in Peak Condition with PRO PAC Pet Food

The ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford is using Interchem’s PRO PAC super premium dog food to help dogs regain their strength after they have been rescued from cruel situations.

PRO PAC is made up of a rich blend of nutrients, including Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre and anti oxidants. This powerful combination of ingredients strengthens the dogs’ bones, muscles and joints and brings a shine to their coats.

PRO PAC contains only the highest-quality ingredients, with real chicken and lamb pieces. It is succulent and easy to digest, so it’s the perfect choice for dogs whose appetites need a boost. Its blend of nutrients has been scientifically formulated and it has been given the seal of approval by vets.

Interchem distributes, markets and sells a wide variety of animal products from respected Irish and international manufacturers. It has the exclusive rights to distribute many of the world’s top pet care food brands. Interchem prides itself on taking a partnership approach with the companies it works with, and that’s why its collaboration with the ISPCA is a natural fit.

With PRO PAC, the ISPCA can be confident that they’re giving the dogs in their care the best possible chance to return to peak condition. Interchem is honoured that the ISPCA has put its faith in PRO PAC to give its dogs a 100% healthy, balanced diet. 

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