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Just some of our happy customers...

- Mary O’Brien, Tower, Cork

“Spot (5) had a bad car accident and my vet Cathal at Blarney Vet Clinic performed major surgery to save her leg. He recommended ProPac Ultimates Mature to protect her joints and stop her gaining weight. My older dog Goldie (12) had been tried on weight control diets but none worked so when we saw the results in Spot we tried her on the Mature too. He lost the weight and both his coat and his arthritis really improved giving him a great quality of life!”

- Jennifer Garry, Skotia & Gunnar

"I own and exhibit Samoyeds in Ireland. I feed a BARF based diet but felt that when we got Skotia in February 2011 I wanted to make sure he was getting everything he needed in his diet to grow into a happy, healthy adult. A friend recommended Pro Pac so I dtarted feeding Pro Pac puppy food a few days a week while continuing the BARF the other days. For easiness I fed my 2 year old Samoyed Gunnar the same.

The food really agreed with both of the boys. Gunnar always suffered from colitis type symptoms with the other dry food we had tried in the past and he had always been a bit underweight. Withing 2 months of eating Pro Pac Gunnar had no colitis symptoms and also had gained weight. He was looking so healthy and even won his first two greenstars in the show ring after 6 months on Pro Pac!

Skotia has now matured into a happy, healthy teenager! He has won several awards in the show ring, most recently Reserve Best in Show at the Cloghran All Breed Championship Show.

Both boys absolutely love their Pro Pac days. It is a great quality food which provides all the nutrients to ensure they both have healthy skin, coat, eyes and loads of energy. I would absolutely recommend it."


- Liv O'Regan, Lioscarrig Alaskan Malamutes,

"I just wanted to write a few lines to say how happy I am with Pro Pac High Performance.
I own 4 alaskan malamutes, which i both show & work. My First Mal Ziva was fed on Pro Pac puppy food until she turned approx 15 months, when i was persuaded to try another food brand. While Ziva was on Pro Pac puppy, she was a well covered, happy chunky puppy, who was slowly maturing into a stunning example of a teenage malamute.

After we changed food to the new brand, there was a huge difference in Ziva's development, which appeared to go backwards. All malamutes "blow their coats" however this time Ziva's coat did not grow back, she lost muscle mass and her Pin bones could be felt as could all of her ribs & spine and all this in nearly 2 months. I was extremely worried at this stage and took Ziva to our vet, who recommended a high protien food to try and build her back up. The vet sent me home with Pro Pac High Preformance.

Oh what a difference 6 weeks of feeding Pro Pac high preformance made, Ziva put on weight & Muscle mass, her coat grew back better than ever before, and after a further 6 months is looking stunning.

I am 100% confidient it is due to Pro Pac that Ziva is now Irish Champion, Irish Junior Champion, Celtic Winner 2010, Celtic Junior Winner 2010 and in the last few weeks has won her first Bitch CC in the UK at the Birmingham National Dog Show."

Above: Ziva on Pro Pac Performance Puppy


 Above: After moving Ziva onto another brand of dog food  


 Above: Ziva after 6 weeks on Pro Pac High Performance


Above: Ziva after 6 months on Pro Pac High Performance


- Doireann Dowling RVN, BA, Co. Kildare

"Aengus landed on our doorstep in September 2009, a large crossbreed puppy we estimated at being approximately five months old. Word on the canine grapevine must have been that we are a bit of a soft touch when it comes to strays! In December 2009 Aengus became lame and we took him to our local vets at Hawkfield Veterinary Clinic. Radiographs (X-rays) showed that Aengus had Hip Dysplasia (a condition more associated with pedigree dogs!!!). We managed this condition with use of anti-inflammatories and joint supplements initially but since Aengus celebrated his first birthday we have switched his food to the Propac Large Breed Adult diet. This diet contains joint supplements: Glucosamine and Chondroitin and it is easy to feed for his bodyweight by means of a supplied measuring cup. Aengus has never been lame since starting his Propac diet, in fact we are still trying to keep up with him!!! Many thanks to our friends at Hawkfield Veterinary Clinic for looking after him and to all those at Interchem who supply this fantastic budget-friendly diet!"


 - Fiona Lawler, Pet Owner, Co. Kildare

"Sam is my eight year old Labrador Retriever. Last year Sam had to have surgery on his knee when he ruptured his cruciate ligament. The vet recommended a diet with joint supplements after his operation to keep the joint lubricated and healthy and also to keep his weight stable. We chose Pro Pac Large Breed Adult, which contains these supplements and can be measured our for his weight. It has been six months since the operation and Sam is well on the road to recovery!"  


- Ann Brennan, Pet Owner, Co. Dublin

"We have two Golden Retrievers. Molly have been on Pro-Pac since we got her as a puppy two years ago and she has always been healthy and so full energy!!! People have often commented on her lovely soft coat.

We got Cara about 9 months ago and she is a rescue dog. When she came to us her coat was dull and in poor condition and she wouldn't eat for the first few days. She was also underweight. (We were giving her the same food that she was given in the Rescue Centre). Then we changed her onto the Pro Pac Large Breed that Molly was on. She ate it (I know!!! She might have just being settling in.) Anyways, gradually, over the next few months, the condition of her coat improved and she is now a healthy weight and doing very well.

I do think the Pro Pac Large Breed is a great dog food"


- Esther van Luipen, DVM, Co. Mayo

"Since I feed my large Labrador Pro-Pac large breed adult he is in fantastic shape. I get so many compliments. People are always asking me:" what are you feeding him? Look at the beautiful shine on him."


- John O’Dwyer, MVB, MRCVS, Co. Limerick

"I feed my cat Pro Pac and am delighted with the results. My cat has a lovely shiny coat and looks very healthy. I would strongly recommend Pro Pac as a good quality petfood."


- Vera Bowes, Veterinary Nurse, Dublin 18

"I have a Boxer called Sandy that I rescued from the pound,  she was underweight and in poor condition.I had been feeding her on another dog food and found that she was passing alot of wind and her tummy was making alot of rumbling noises. I was approached to try out Pro Pac Dog Food and Sandy took to it straight away and within a month I noticed the coat condition nice and smooth and a lovely shine of it. Also she had much better faeces and not passing any wind. I would have no problem in recommending Pro Pac Dog food to anyone that has a dog, as my experience using it as been great and my dog is a very happy an energetic boxer."

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